Vegetable flour

Vegetable flour

Almond Flour - (11.34Kg Box)


ALMOND FLOUR By nature, the almond does not contain gluten and is suitable for consumption by celiac people ,due to its maturation characteristics, it has not its starch into sugars, so its flavor is neutral.This flour is one of the few that undergoe..

Banana Flour (25Kgs sack)


BANANA FLOURNaturally the banana does not contain gluten so it is fully accessible to people who generate intolerance to gluten, also one of the main characteristics of banana flour is that it is one of the few that pass very low industrial process, ..

Beet Flour - (25Kg sack)



Cauliflower Flour (20Kgs sack)


Cauliflower Flour Cauliflower flour contains vitamin K, B6 and C, it is also a good source of protein, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, folic acid among others, it is a natural anti-inflammatory and benefits the digestive s..

Celery powder (25kg sack)



Coconut Flour (25Kgs sack)


Coconut FlourCoconut flour could be an excellent alternative to wheat flour because it is free of gluten and lactose, contains approximately 45% fiber which helps intestinal digestion, and cooking requires a minimum amount compared to wheat flour. It..

Flaxseed Flour (22Kgs sack)


Flaxseed FlourFlaxseed contains an abundant percentage of protein, serves as a laxative, contains dermatological properties and hypolipidemic which controls intestinal absorption controlled by mucilage (viscous vegetable substance) that are released ..

Green Pea Powder - (25Kg sack)



Zucchini Flour -(25Kg sack)



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