Dried Fruits

Dried and Dehydrated Fruits

American Jumbo Raisin Grape - (Box 12.5Kgs)



Dried Apple in Cubes 3/8" (10Kgs box)


Dried Apple in Cubes 3/8"In the food industry, dehydrated apples can be used in different areas such as bakery, cafeteria, confectionery, as a complement to cereals, yogurt, herbal teas, salads, smoothies, etc. In addition, this type of apple can imp..

National Whole Jamaica Flower - (25Kg sack)



Nigerian Whole Jamaica Flower - (25Kg sack)


Extracto de Jamaica en polvo, Polvo homogéneo de color guinda, con olor y sabor característico a Jamaica. Obtenido por el proceso de secado por aspersión. Presentaciones en sacos de 25 kg USOS ¡Utilizada para hacer aguas, dulces, nieves, saborizant..

Pinapple tea cut powder - (25Kg sack)



Powder pineapple - (25Kg sack)


Powder pineappleUse as raw material for food products, according to the customer's needs (such as beverages, aqueous and dairy (such as beverages, aqueous and dairy drinks, jams, jellies, jellies, jellies, jams, etc.).The grind is very fine so it can..

Powdered Jamaica - (25Kgs sack)



Spray Dried Apple Powder - (25Kgs sack)



Spray Dried Banana Powder - (25Kg sack)



Spray Dried Blackberry Powder - (25Kg sack)



Spray Dried Grape Powder - (25Kg sack)



Spray Dried Grapefruit Powder - (25Kg sack)



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