Instant Food

Instant Food

Apple Juice Concentrate 70°Brix (307Kgs Drum)


Apple Juice ConcentrateUses·         Water and juices·         Gelatins·         Fruit cocktails·         Cakes and pastries·         Ice cream, yogurt, cereal supplements·         Vinegar·         Jelly·         Candies ·         Advantages o..

Aseptic Guava Pulp Concentrate - 21°Brix (Drum 235Kgs)



Aseptic Tommy Mango Pulp Concentrate - 29°Brix (235Kgs Drum)


Aseptic Tommy Mango Pulp Concentrate - 29°Brix (235Kgs Drum) Tommy mango is a juicy fruit with a kidney-shaped seed, it is known for its pleasant taste, mangoes are abundant in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the most predominant ..

Dehydrated Black Beans - (10Kg sack)



Dehydrated Dried Bay Bean - (10Kg sack)



Dehydrated Dried Peruvian Bean - (10Kg sack)



Grape Juice Concentrate 70°Brix (Drum 307Kg)



Mashed potato flakes - (25Kg sack)


1 Kg = 4 Kg of mashed potatoOur potato flakes are a variant of the classic high quality instant mashed potato. It is mainly used for industrial purposes (production of breading, gnocchi, etc.) or for commercial and institutional catering.           P..

Spray Dried Jamaica Extract Powder - (25Kgs sack)


Hibiscus extract powder, homogeneous powder of cherry color, with characteristic odor and flavor of hibiscus. Obtained by spray drying process.Presented in 25 kg bags.Used to make water, candies, ice creams, flavorings and many more products related ..

Spray Dried Powdered Lemon Juice - (25Kg sack)


1 Kilo of dehydrated lemon = 20 Liters of lemon juice Uses for lemon juice powder: ·         Juices·         Cocktails·        Prepared drink such as margaritas, ·         Sea Food ·         Pastries and bakery       Ice cream ·        Vinaigrettes, ..

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